I perceive creation like a mission. That is why I try to give it all my energy and sense. I started when i was a boy by simple sculptures with folk motives. Over the time I began to feel a need to express myself simpler and more visual. I made my way up to the modernism. Artworks are stylized and I am working more and more with self-shaped wood given by nature (“samorast”). Presentation of works in this gallery is an image of my creation, soul and love.





It is primarily divided info four areas according to the processing of the material. Then it is divided according to the topic: Folk ( costume, traditions), Sacral ( the scenes of Bible), Realism, Modern creation (visual shortcut). Dividing of works does not have strict rules. It represents author’s point of view. You can find the gallery of my artworks below and filter them according to the categories. More pictures and story behind each of them you is available after clicking on the specific artwork. For more details, click on the gallery.